Passionate about making a difference.

Our team are passionate about guiding their clients towards a positive future. We have diverse backgrounds and skill sets within our team, connected by our passion for the industry and ability to see the bigger picture.

We combine technical expertise and in-depth industry knowledge with practical, hands-on experience. Many of our advisors come from rural backgrounds, in some cases multi-generational, giving us a deep understanding of rural industries and respect for our clients' work.

South Island - Christchurch

Dave Oxnam

Director | MPINZ – Registered Valuer, B Com VFM

Dave undertakes valuations and consultancy of rural properties across the South Island. He manages a number of larger-scale corporate farm valuation projects and is known for his strong market knowledge and analysis.

021 060 5796

Paul Mills

Director | MPINZ – Registered Valuer, B Com VFM, Dip Grad Com, Dip F.Mgmt

Paul is experienced in rural valuation and primary industry-based property consultancy. He has built up expertise in most areas of rural property valuation, with a particular focus in dairy, pastoral and high-country land.

021 942 245

Dougal Smith

FPINZ – Registered Valuer, B Com VPM, Dip Hort

Dougal is focused on the valuation of specialised assets and complex valuation projects. He also undertakes economic and cost benefit analysis for a number of larger-scale infrastructure assets.

021 777 695

Nick Cottam

MPINZ – Registered Valuer, B Com VPM, Lincoln University

Nick is focused on the valuation of dairy, arable and pastoral property across Canterbury, and undertakes many compensation and infrastructure assessments as well as block land valuations.

027 503 2763

Lucy Miller

MPINZ – Registered Valuer, B Com VFM

Lucy is focused on the valuation of rural properties across Canterbury, and has a comprehensive knowledge of the region, particularly the dairy and pastoral farm markets.

027 740 0757

Pete McEwen

MPINZ - Registered Valuer, BCom Ag, Grad Dip Val

Pete is focused on the valuation of pastoral, dairy and arable properties. He has a keen eye for land classing and land capability, including dairy and arable operations.

022 217 2858

Rob Sangster

MPINZ – Graduate Valuer, BLPM Rural Major & Urban Minor

Rob is focused on all aspects of farm valuation work and has hands-on experience with sheep, beef, and dairy. He particularly enjoys analysing the effect irrigation can have on properties and the value this adds.

027 519 1737
North Island - Waikato

Byron Gray

MPINZ – Registered Valuer, BBS, GradDipBusStudies (Rural Valuation)

Byron provides valuation and property consultancy within the rural market, primarily within the South Auckland and Waikato areas. Specialist work is completed throughout the North Island. His primary practice area includes the assessment of pastoral and arable properties, while he has a particular interest in dealing with complex valuation tasks, including compensation assessments, and valuations for litigation purposes.

027 420 2074

Darryl McDavitt

MPINZ – Registered Valuer, BApplSc

Darryl is an experienced Registered Valuer providing valuation and consultancy advice primarily to rural clients within the Waikato, King Country and South Auckland areas. He has a wide range of experience which encompasses a full range of both lifestyle property, and farm types, with specialist valuation completed work including land acquisition under the Public Works Act. Darryl has a particular interest in hill country sheep and cattle farms.

021 028 39133

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