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If you’re preparing for sale, considering an investment, or looking to strengthen the future of your operation, our integrated property advisory services can help to guide your decisions. Our advice is based on leading data and market research and seeks to uncover opportunities within your business.

Consultancy Services using the latest data

Our Services

Integrated property valuation and advisory services


Valuation is our primary business focus.
Key services include:

·        Rural and Lifestyle Properties

·        Market value appraisals

·        Dwelling and curtilage apportionments

·        Rental assessments

·        Commercial and Industrial Properties

Market value appraisals

·        Rental assessments

·        Insurance valuations

·        Financial disclosure and mortgage security valuations

Leasehold Properties

·        Rental assessments

·        Partial interest apportionments

·        Lease document reviews


As a result of our specialist knowledge and expertise, we are able to offer consultancy services in various niche fields. We enjoy the challenges of consultancy and work closely with our clients to develop innovative solutions.

Services include:

·        Compensation assessments

·        Right of way / easement valuations

·        Rating assessment reviews

·        Market research and survey analysis

·        Arbitration and dispute resolution support

Rural and Lifestyle Properties

·        Market value analysis

·        Dwelling and cartilage appointments

·        Rental assessments

Due Diligence

Our due diligence services allow us to leverage across the diverse skill base of the team and our network of intermediaries, giving our clients the full benefit of our expertise. Services include:

·        Identification of potential acquisition opportunities

·        Land / asset acquisition feasibility analysis

·        Economic / financial analysis

·        Market research and analysis



From valuations and feasibility analysis to consultancy. Assignments range from valuation work for property acquisitions, through to asset valuation for large portfolios.


We specialise in pastoral assets throughout New Zealand. This includes sheep and beef farms of varying scale, through to high country stations.


Valuations and due diligence work for land acquired for both production forestry, carbon farming, or a mixed harvest model.


We have extensive experience in various projects across New Zealand, including the energy sector, transportation, and irrigation. Our clients benefit from our robust methodology, expertise, and experience.

Specialised Assets

These include businesses such as broiler poultry farms, piggeries, or horticultural assets. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can provide valuable insights tailored to specific industry needs.

Primary Sector Consultancy

We provide due diligence assessments for a wide range of projects. Our clients benefit from our experience, knowledge and networks.

Solutions that are tailored to your business

Every rural operation is different, with a unique set of challenges, opportunities, and risks. Our advisors take the time to fully understand your operation and provide a solution tailored to your current position and goals for the future. We take the same detailed approach with all clients, from family-run farms considering succession planning, to complex corporate operations.

Find out how we can help you maximise the value of your business and property.

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